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The Top Choice For Human Resources Outsourcing Services In Hong Kong

Human resource management is an integral part of any business operation. With a good approach and exemplary human resources management in place, your company can function to its highest potential. Human resources is all about people, and happy people means a well-functioning workplace. Usually there is more to HR than people think, and with such high stakes for your business, it can be a difficult field to navigate. That’s where we come in. Offering human resources outsourcing, we have the know-how and experience needed to iron out the kinks for any human resources department.

At Talent Fields HK, we have years of experience offering comprehensive HR outsourcing services from an expert team, all at affordable rates.

Our Comprehensive HR Consulting Services

As one of the trusted HR consulting firms, our services include:

Human Resources Administration & Support

  • Personnel Records Maintenance
  • Administration of Holiday/Leave Records
  • Joiner and Leaver Administration
  • Employment Regulations Guidance

Employees’ Compensation Insurance

It is the employer’s liability to pay compensation in respect of bodily injury by accident or disease to their employees within the scope of the Ordinance under the ECO and common law. The Employees’ Compensation Insurance is a must to cover all the employed staffs.

Medical Insurance Schemes

There is no regulation or compulsory Ordinance in Hong Kong for the employer to offer benefits such as health insurance coverage and medical scheme for employees. However, offering employees such benefits helps attract and retain quality employees.

Talent Fields offers one-stop shop services by handling all the HR administrative works on behalf of your company to ensure a win-win situation for both employer and employees’ benefits.

As well as human resources outsourcing, at Talent Fields HK we also offer accounting and auditing, payroll outsourcing and company formation services for your business in Hong Kong.

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